Tibet - Nepal:

This is an extension tour from Nepal for a total of seven days.

Arrive in Lhasa by air from Katmandu and return overland to Katmandu across the Tibetan plateau, staying in modest clean hotels. Spectacular views of Everest and the Himalayan range from the northern Tibetan plateau are the high points of the tour. Drive over five passes that exceed 5,000 meters. Included in the package are hotels with breakfast, pick up/drop off at airport, guided sightseeing, transport, air ticket one way Kathmandu-Lhasa on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Allow three working days in Kathmandu prior to departure for Tibet to arrange Chinese visa.

For individuals and small groups, May-October.


Visits to Bhutan can be arranged from Kathmandu. In peak seasons of March-May and October-November we reco-mmend that you allow us to get started on your visit arrangements at least six months in advance to ensure flight and hotel space.

Druk Air flies from Kathmandu to Paro (in Bhutan) and returns to Kathmandu three times weekly. Visas to Bhutan are issued along with the air ticket as travel to Bhutan is not permitted without an advance visa.

In planning your trip to Bhutan, we suggest that you contact us for information and obtain a copy of Lonely Planet’s revised (2002) book on Bhutan, by Stan Armington.

Unlike Nepal, Bhutan restricts the number of tourists by charging a minimum fee of $200 per day per person. This amount covers transport, hotel, meals, and guide services. The round trip airfare from Kathmandu-Paro-Kathmandu is an additional $300.

Recent visitors to Bhutan have commented that Bhutan’s 70% forest cover and unspoiled beauty offered them a real opportunity to see the Himalayas in a natural setting.

A suggested itinerary for a one week visit:

Day  1

Depart Kathmandu for Paro and two-hour drive to Thimphu, capital of Bhutan. Sightseeing in Thimphu.

Day  2

Depart Thimphu by road to Punaka (two hour drive) with sightseeing in the Punaka Valley and visit to the Punaka Dzong, the earliest seat of the Bhutanese Government.

Day  3

Depart Punaka by road for Thimphu with sightseeing.

Day  4

Visit the weekend market in Thimphu and depart for Paro in the afternoon. Visit National Museum.

Day  5

Morning walk uphill about 600 meters through pine and rhododendron forest to view “Tigers Nest” (Taktshang Monastery); fairly steep climb to the viewpoint (allow about two hours) but a good mostly shaded trail. Following the return from the morning walk and lunch, sightseeing in Paro.

Day  6
  Early morning flight to Kathmandu.













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